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3 creative ways to keep your utensils
24.05.2016 17:20

There are many articles suggesting to keep the tools we normally use every day, such as hats, gloves, socks, magazines or pending. While many people invest a large sum of money to buy items for storage, today we offer you the opportunity to create your own implements .

Once again it has been shown that with imagination can create original designs and trends. Thus, we propose three methods to assemble elegant and easy to store your utensils every day.

The objective of this proposal is to prevent disorder and maintain a balance in the interior of your home.Objects to hold your utensilsPaint Cans

If you thought your old paint cans were not more useful, then check out this original use Kirsten Grove Grove applied for their decorations. This is an excellent resource to keep your objects and to hang a hat. To achieve this aspect paste cans of paint on the wall.Baskets

Make the most of the free space of a few shelves and cabinets with the use baskets and baskets. You can tag your deposits based on the different sizes of your items. It is also a convenient way to differentiate the things of the members of your family, so you avoid the hassles which are set to lose an object.Puppets and Crafts

At first glance a puppet could serve only to laugh at the smallest of the house, however, we discovered that it can also serve to keep the gloves and some small items. Use your puppet’s mouth to place some tools that could be stored in a more presentable and attractive.


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