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14.03.2016 11:14

Exquisitely elegant or sophisticatedly stylish; stunningly simple or minimally modern, an interior space can be transformed to take your breath away! All it takes is choosing the right home décor accessories. These accessories, if chosen well, not only reflect your taste, style and personality, but add an instant flair to the space to be decorated. You could choose funky home décor to contemporary home décor but whatever you choose to do, plan well in advance.

Personalize your interiors to set the mood right. It is not as daunting a task as you may think it to be. You’d be surprised to see how, by adding a few home accents, your interiors get transformed into a space right out of a home décor magazine!

Few home décor accessories in perspective:

Home décor accessories need not be over the top and expensive. Simple accessories that are around us and we seem to neglect can actually enliven any given space. Here are a few basic home décor accessories that every interior designer would love to decorate with:

  • Clocks and Mirrors:

The first to come to mind, clocks and mirrors set the tone of an interior, and how! From contemporary home décor to rustic, and from a country style décor to a futuristic one, set in any style, frame or material, these head turners never go wrong.

  • Grouping of Candlesticks and Pictures:

Candlesticks and picture frames, when arranged in carefully aligned groups or randomly placed ones, call for immediate attention and hold it too. One cannot dare pass this bunch without first pausing to stand and stare.

  • Botanicals and Flowers:

Plants and flowers have a mesmerizing way of rendering a fresh look to any interior. A boring space immediately gets transformed into an interesting one by introducing these beauties. Flowers in a bunch placed in a vase against a wall or in the center of a room, give a layered effect and accentuate the tones of the room.

  • Cushions and Throws:

The favorite home décor accessory for any interior decorator, if you wish to alter the look of a room in a jiffy, these little magicians do the trick. Eclectic, classic or modern, there’s no style that they cannot adapt to.

  • Statues and Figurines:

Whether large or miniature in size, placed to dominate or seek admiration, the statues and figurines are a must have in any home décor. Souvenirs from around the world take the center stage here.

  • Vases and Center pieces:

Available in a myriad colors, shapes, sizes and styles, vases and intricately designed center pieces take over the role of a room’s focal point with ease. Whether left alone or filled with twirling twigs, dry floral accents or flowers, vases stand proud and make you feel the same too.

  • Wall Décor:

There are paintings, photographs, masks, prints, wall decals, handicrafts, and a host of other attention grabbing wall décor that can adorn your wall and get the discussion going. The wall décor renders visual height to the room.

  • Carpets and Rugs:

Having been around for centuries now, while they were used for insulating purposes in the times long gone, these are now predominantly used to make a style statement. Whether they spread vertically on a wall or lie quietly on the floor, they give textural effect to the room with their tactile fabric and elegant designs.

  • Upholstery:

You can bring in a touch of whimsy and create a funky home décor from a simple one by playing with the colors, textures, patterns and designs of the upholstery in a room. A vivid and vibrant sofa instantly becomes the center of attention and brings in the touch of color and glamour to any mundane setting.

  • Window Treatment:

Put in blinds or curtains, right window treatment elevates the sophistication of a room. The designs available now to adorn your windows are mind boggling. A change in how you treat the window changes the entire look of a room.

Depending on the look that you wish to achieve, there is a multitude of home décor accessories to choose from. I found this resource to be very inspirational.  Check it out for more ideas.  You now can, with your carefully selected and gorgeously arranged accessories, become a great source of home décor ideas for the many admirers who like to visit your place and seek some home décor inspirations. Flaunt away!


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