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Choosing the best carpet for your home
27.05.2016 17:30

There are very few accessories that look perfect with any style of design and decoration, and one of those great exceptions, of which no one should be deprived, is the carpet.

According to the model, material and color this element can give life to a corridor, to be the focal point of a room, give sophistication to a bedroom, in short, may contain the character you want.

Before leaving your carpet looking for choice, must take into account some aspects to find the option that best suits your home and your needs.

The role of the carpet

You must define what the purpose that meets the carpet in your home and where they will perform. It can be a model to add color, softness, warmth, or be the star piece in a room.

The size

Sets the size for creating materials suitable balance in the selected location, and that allows a perfectly normal everyday activities.


  • In the dining room shall not hinder the use of chairs.
  • In the hallways, you must expose the floor around him.
  • In the living room to create a more informal space should be covered under the furniture, while for a formal atmosphere, carpet floor should be left visible in outline.

The color

In a small space, it is advisable to opt for neutral colors and soft , and get a room look larger. Use colors darker and deeper , you will achieve a more welcoming environment.


They are the starting point for decoration. The colors and designs of a carpet will determine the color palette and style of the rest of the room. This will create unified space.

The way

Not necessarily you should use a rectangular pattern. You can get creative and give the way you want. A square rug makes the perfect touch to any room, and a round movement and will provide a less structured space.

And now … Go and buy your perfect carpet but if you want to learn some more about it have a look at this very useful site.


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