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Top tips to design your perfect living room

Of all the interior design ideas that you want to implement in your home, the most important ones are those that pertain to the living room. Much more than merely being a room in which you entertain guests, it is a place of relaxation, a place for spending time with your family and at times, with yourself (binge watching on Netflix, for instance).

Though a lot of people spend a massive amount of effort in making their bedrooms perfect, it is in reality, the living room where we spend most of our times while at home. It is truly the center of your house. This is why; it is better to design a living room keeping your own creature comforts in mind, rather than a room that merely showcases your family portraits and trinkets that you picked up from your travels.

So how do you design your own living room? For starters, you must keep a few basic things in mind when contemplating any living room design ideas.

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1. Comfort should be the #1 priority

Living room design ideasA well designed living room is always welcoming. It should feel cozy and make a person want to linger in there for a while. The easiest way to do that is by getting the right couch. Right, that is, in terms of size and comfort. A modern, elegantly cozy look is much better than an in your face, intimidating vibe that screams exorbitant luxury.

Along with a super comfortable, adequately sized couch, rugs and throw cushions are crucial elements in bringing about that cozy vibe. Needless to say, lightening plays a crucial part in it as well. You do not want direct, white lights glaring in the faces of your guests. Dim, yellow, indirect lights work much better.


2. What is your style?

It goes without saying that the living room of your home should be a reflection of your style. It should tell a visitor a bit about the owner, a personal homage to your self and your family but without it being overtly blatant. You want subtle hints of your (and your family’s) personality to pop out hither & thither and blend in seamlessly with the overall interior design.

You have to start by asking yourself- What is my personal style? What do I like to wear? How would I describe my personality in one word? What is my style statement?

Even if you are working with a professional interior designer, this is the first thing he or she would ask you to determine. Maybe your style is inspired by the music you listen to (like jazz) or the books that you like reading (like high fantasy). Perhaps you are an avid world traveller and want your free way of thinking reflected in the stylings of your living room.

It is very important that you spend enough time figuring this out. Especially if you are decorating the living room on your own. Forget buying an item just coz it looks good on its own. You must ensure that it fits with the overall living room design idea. If you are still lost for a definition, then ask your close friends to describe your personality. That is a good place to start.


3. Contrast makes things special

design your living roomIn all aspects of life you need contrast. Hot when it’s cold, sweet when it’s spicy and rain when it’s dry. The same holds true for interior design ideas. You might want a rustic look to your living room but if you make it 100% rustic then it would end up looking rather drab. Over doing is not the right path to ensuring that you have an attractive living room space.

Think of a library, especially one of those old ones that have been around for a hundred years. On paper, they look classy. All wooden (mostly) with extensive handiwork all inside and around them but do they make you want to spend a whole day in there? Probably not.

This is why, although you might want an all white look to your living room, using contrasting interior design ideas will serve you much better. In such a case you’d want to throw a dark wooden coffee table in front of an all encompassing pure white couch. A pair of contrasting lamps could achieve this effect on a much subtle level as well.

If you wanted an old world rustic look then you could achieve that with a carved dining table that is surround by modern chairs (that are much more comfy) to build contrast. It looks good while being functional as well.

Keep these 3 principles in mind in the pre planning stage if your interior design adventures and you will ensure that your interior design ideas come to life much easily, and in a much more pleasant manner than they otherwise would. It certainly provides for a much better approach than just throwing a whole bunch of pretty things together just for the heck of it.

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