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Welcome to my blog and thank you for being interested in reading about me.  My name is Zoe and I am not a professional blogger.  I have a career in another field, but my true passion is my home.

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Over the years my homes were my projects. I had to re-decorate and re-design houses I lived in more than once.  I had different budgets and sometimes it was just great ideas and no money to go with them.
I was a student renting with a friend, we were not allowed to change anything dramatically, but we wanted to have a nice home.  We had no budget and Poundland and Wilkinson was about as much as we could afford.
I lived in a newly build house that was bland with magnolia walls and cream carpets throughout.  I learned how to inject life and colour into a neutral space.
My first flat was light and airy, but so very dated.  It taught me how to modernise and upcycle what is already there, how to make old features look contemporary without losing the charm and character of the property.
The last project was the most challenging.  My current house was just an empty shell when we bought it.  Sad and neglected, it had to have everything replaced.  Now it’s a beautiful family home, full of nice features and character, all done on a very small budget.

I hope my blog will inspire and motivate you to have a go at improving your home.  Very often the changes you have to make are not huge and to not cost the earth.  If you have any questions or ideas you’d like to run past me, do drop me a line, hopefully together, we can make your house a home.


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